UNITED NATIONS: In this picture we see Chris Close with David Stopp (singer/songwriter), a representative from the United Nations UK and Gonzalo Alvarez.






REFILL: Plastic Free Eastbourne is a campaign to rid the south coast town of plastic from beaches, parks and other public areas. Gonzalo Alvarez is seen here with Ryan Dusart, Caroline Ansell MP and Chris Close, the SeaVax project director to 2018.




Eastbourne is the subject of a plastic free town campaign, headed up by Oliver Sterno with support from the Mayor, Gill Mattock and most political parties, including the Liberal Democrats, the Conservative and Labour parties. Gonzalo Alvarez spoke at the event in his capacity of marine biologist.




Gonzalo Alvarez, Sarah Ward and Adriana Ford at the Ocean Symposium in Hastings September 2018



UNIVERSITY of GREENWICH - [LEFT] Organisers: Gonzalo Alvarez and Sarah Ward (Sussex Wildlife Trust) at the Ocean Symposium. The event was organised by the Bexhil-on-Sea arm of the United Nations Association UK, Gonzalo Alvarez, Sarah Ward and many others helping to make the day memorable to the may members of the public who visited. 


[RIGHT] Speaker, Dr Adriana Ford is a Coordinator of the Greenwich Maritime Centre, University of Greenwich. Adriana joined the University of Greenwich in February 2015. She is an interdisciplinary scientist working in the field of socio-ecological systems, biodiversity conservation, community development and sustainability. Her research at Greenwich has focused on relationships between responsible tourism and fishing in Europe and the Caribbean. She is now working on WetlandLIFE, a Valuing Nature project exploring health and wellbeing in wetlands in the context of mosquito management. Copyright Photograph Cleaner Ocean Foundation 22 September 2018.






CHAIR: The Ocean Symposium, Saturday 22 September 2018 was a very successful venue held at St Mary in the Castle in Hastings. In this picture the SeaVax project was presented, a system that if funded by the G7 or European Commission, could begin to reverse the damage we are doing to the sea, the problem being that high tech solutions need to be fully developed and that takes time. Time that threatened marine life and sea birds can ill afford. The SeaVax Project Director is Chris Close. His team have put together a 10 year plan that would see fleets of ocean dustcarts filtering the ocean of plastic and recycling the waste into useful new product or fuels. 




The goal of the Cleaner Ocean Foundation is to encourage men and women to dream more, care more and become more. Gonzalo Alvarez helped to organise the Ocean Symposium at St Mary in the Castle in Hastings. We consider that he represents the interests of marine life and in doing so is making a significant contribution to ocean awareness campaigns around the world. Such efforts spread the news about toxin build up in our food chain and the menace that is plastic waste.


You can nominate anyone for a Mister Ocean award who you think is working to protect the marine environment and who you think deserves special recognition for their efforts. Nominations should be for the current year, or a series of long service cumulating in a retirement or other event.















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